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Why carbon politics?

A lot of the literature on climate change and carbon is written at planetary level like Aid and Development used to be.
Very little tackles the thorny issue of politics and how to actually bring about a low carbon world.
Here, I want a debate about the connection to war, commodities, money and politics.
Because, if we don’t talk about it within that context, it will remain a one-issue discussion, suitable for protests but not a transformation of society

Capitulation is not the best way to stand up against Capital

So called left governments in Greece and Spain are willingly obliging the IMF, European Central Banks and Bond Traders with draconian cuts.

Why did they get voted in?

Don’t they have the stomach to fight and demand the pain is shared by bond holders, especially French banks?

It is clear why Sarkozy banged the table to force Angela Merkel to back the rescue package for Greece (i.e. banks holding Greek government bonds).

Nothing too grand, after all.

Just protecting French bankers.