By Farid Erkizia Bakht

Liquid Borders is diametrically opposed to the concept of the “Borderless World”. The latter is a call to trample down over cultures, histories, languages and distinctive world-views to be replaced to obeisance to the new gods of globalisation (or rather americanisation).

Liquid Borders supports ideas and beliefs that don’t recognise borders such as the Liberation (and anti-imperialism), the ecological fight to stem climate change and ideologies of equality across class, gender and creed.
Crucially, Liquid Borders recognises and support the right of self-determination and national sovereignty where people can create new spaces using these principles.
It therefore rejects the idea that nationalism is necessarily bad. National Liberation in the anti-colonial movements was usually fighting on the Left, with no connection to right-wing xenophobic populism that we now see in much of Europe.
What counts is the form of nationalism.
As an example for just one corner of the globe, Liquid Borders prefers the nationalism of the ERC rather than that of the CIU.
The Left and Environmental Movements, already weakened post 1989 and post 2008 (respectively), needs to work out how to best deal with the spaces taken up by nationalism.
Happy to work with occupied spaces such as Occupy Wall Street or Tahrir Square, it shies away instinctively from other Spaces called Nationalism, even where these new states have a population no larger than some barrios in the great metropolises of London, Kolkata or Caracas.

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