Young Greens ask: Is the EU democratic?

For decades, there has been a continual complaint about the democratic deficit in Europe. The actions following the rejection the EU Constitution by the French and the Dutch speak volumes for the disdain held by the elites. The re-packaging via the Lisbon Treaty and the imposition of ‘technocrats (ex-bankers) to run Italy and Greece are further examples.
For the last quarter of a century, the construction of Europe has been based solely on hugely complex texts, thereby shutting out most people out of the debate.
Low turnouts in election from 62% in 1979 to only 43% in 2009, reflect the disenchantment of Europe’s people.
The system lacks legitimacy,
AS Susan George says: the European elite’s’ project to reduce economic security requires that it reduce democracy as well. .The EU, as it now exists, no longer provides scope for democracy.
To regain democracy, treaties should refrain from recommending specific economic policies. There has to be a drastic reduction in the powers of the European Commission.
The Green party policy EU110 states that to achieve our Green vision, Europe will need very different structures from those currently in existence.
EU301 states “the present EU structures are fundamentally flawed” and that we would like decisions made a the lowest appropriate level, and “not impose the harmonisation of the current EU”.
EU333 calls for the “power of the European Parliament to be extended to give its members greater oversight of the work of the EU. Parliamentary committees must be adequately empowered to investigate, and to demand papers and testimony from the Council and the Commission, A Budget Committee of the Parliament shall scrutinise the budget and expenditure of the EU”.
What is shocking is how basic these demands are. We have a European Union. It is certainly not democratic.
Europe needs new software in the place of the neo-liberal dogma now imposed upon us..

Farid Erkizia Bakht

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