Young Greens ask: Do we need a Global New Deal across the world?

The Global Green New Deal was launched in 2009 as a counter-cyclical response to the debt & financial crisis.
The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) argues that the investment of one percent of the world”s GDP or £500 billion in five key sectors would be enough to fund the deal. Energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy, sustainable transport, agriculture and freshwater are the key areas for structuring the “green economy”.
Not very much is heard about this today.
In a nutshell, we can support a Green New Deal in Europe as one big step on the way to repairing Europe, not sufficient by itself but necessary.
The problems start when we try to apply a one-size fits all approach to the Global South.
To meet our environmental global challenges is as much as about transforming political systems as it for economic systems. Moreover, this Global Green New Deal looks suspiciously like dumping the idea of “sustainable development” from the original Rio +92 summit.
It also assumes that we can use the very same multilateral financial institutions which have promoted a neo-lib’eral model, based on fossil fuels.
After presiding over decades of resource-grabs, fossil fuel wars, supporting the worst type of political and ecological regimes, pushing privatisation and neo-liberal market ideologies globally, with a huge historic ecological debt which it owes, how can Northern countries suddenly think this is a silver bullet?
Europe” s financial system is bankrupt. The Emperor has no clothes. Surely, the time has gone for it to preach economic and ecological models to the rest of the world, especially when we consider its legacy of colonialism..
We should also be listening to ideas from Bolivia and the rest of Latin America for example about the rights of Mother Earth. And how we must stop the commodification of natural resources.
The dialogue has to be two ways.

Farid Erkizia Bakt

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