Should we limit top execs pay to be no more than 6.5 times that of the lowest paid worker?

Democracy is not limited to voting. You have to spread the income, wealth and power evenly.
For economic democracy and reduce the feudal levels of inequality we have in England (because of our slavish adherence to the American model of globalisation), we have to put limits on the disparity of incomes between top and bottom.

Is this possible in the real world?
Mondragon, the Basque cooperative, set up during the dark days of Franco’s dictatorship by a Catholic priest shows it is not only possible, it is real and it is happening now.

The maximum disparity in incomes cannot be more than 6.5.

But coops are small things aren’t they?
Sure, if you think a annual revenues of $20 billion and a work-force of 83,000 is small…….

We keep saying we need an alternative.
Well, it’s staring us in the face… Perhaps we can’t quite believe that it is possible.

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