Elections that could decide the fate of Europe the next 12 months

First, on November 25th, 2012, the Catalans are going to sound the inevitable death-knell of the Spanish state.
In February 2012 , the Cypriots have Presidential elections as do the Maltest in March.
The Cypriots are in talks with the Troika but also have deep economic ties with Russia.
Greece may well be in utter turmoil by the spring of 2013 though whether that leads to elections or a Golden Dawn inspired spare of civil unrest, barbarity and a military coup is open to question. The scenario of Syriza winning the next election is a lot more appetising but for that exact reason, one can imagine the Colonels plotting to prevent such an eventuality.

Then, in April, the Italians have Parliamentary elections. The post-Berlusconi era (through democratic succession, will face the next stage of the Euro turmoil.

The Big One is the Federal German elections in September 2013. It is difficult to over-estimate the impact on the EU what it would mean if Angela Merkel were to lose. It also depends on whether the opposition SPD-Greens decide to talk a bold stand against the current austerity programme or as now offer an uninspiring ‘alternative’… Nevertheless, Merkel’s fall (after Sarkozy in 2012) would herald a shift away from the current lunacy.

Interesting times for Europe in store then.


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