Why are Greens so quiet on Migration?

Perhaps because the policy is too honest, too human and too decent?
Or because some feel it’s just too radical and therefore a vote loser?
Well, a huge percentage of young people are generally fed up with the anti-immigrant hysteria.
In the UK, a third of Labour supporters are similarly turned off by the steady drift towards UKIP’s racist agenda.
So, for a party which gets 4% in England and barely into double figures in France & Germany, it makes good arithmetic sense to court up to 30% of the electorate as well as stand up for Green ideals.

Have a look at the key points of the EGP (and by extension English & Welsh Green) policy on immigration:

Stop the detention of asylum seekers, minors and vulnerable persons!

Remove or amend of the Dublin Convention in order to lighten the burden of Border States of the EU!

Share responsibility between EU member states, to allow refugees or persons granted temporary protection to move from one Member State to another!

Asylum seekers who are not able to return within three years should be granted a permanent residence permit!

Regularise rejected asylum seekers or irregular migrants who cannot be deported back to their country of origin!

Regularise irregular migrants who have lived a life similar to the one of citizens of the host country!

Limit the use of detention to last resort cases, such as irregular migrants refusing to help with identification procedures and are about to be deported!

Foster other solutions than detention!

Respect human dignity and fundamental rights of irregular migrants!

Ensure the right to an individual and fair assessment of the claims of all asylum seekers and ensure access to asylum procedure to asylum seekers trying to enter the EU!

Grant asylum seekers the right to work while their application is processed!

Equal EU-citizenship for citizens from the “new” Member States!

Full access to labour market and education for all residents in the European Union!

Free movement for migrants after three years residence in a Member State!

Blue card also for less skilled and unskilled workers!

European minimum standards on social rights for labour migrants!

Temporary labour migrants must have the chance of getting a permanent residence permit!

For a generous policy of readmission, short-stay visa, facilitation of remittances!

Access to basic provisions for irregular migrants and regularisation after a certain term!

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