Teresa May expects all UK citizens in Spain to pass intermediate Spanish test

Well, if she were Home Secretary in Madrid and applied the same principles as she wants to apply to immigrants in the U.K., then logically she must expect emigrants from these shores to follow the same logic overseas, in the costas in Spain.

If not, why not?

She wants to restrict EU migration to “stem the flow of Eastern European migrants to the UK”.
What about middle class “Expats” from the UK settling in France or of all classes in Spain?
Have these Tough On Immigration politicians ever insisted that their own voters should learn foreign languages and their culture, when they live abroad?

We are talking big numbers here. Emigration is the great taboo subject.


….”from October 2013, all people applying to settle in the UK will need to pass an intermediate level English language test and pass the ‘life in the UK’ test.
Currently, applicants can either take the Life in the UK Test or take combined English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and citizenship classes – the system is geared towards accommodating different skills in language ability. This means that the change will impact in particular those without strong English reading and writing skills.

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