Why did the Man from 1968 decide to go?

I am referring to Danny Cohn Bendit, the leader of the French Greens. Or so he was until he abruptly decided to resign last week.
Because two French Green Ministers in the Hollande administration decided not to back austerity.
Which says one thing about D-C-B…. that 1968 was a long time ago… the days of clenched fists and rebelliousness replaced by a more establishment, Federalist approach to “ever closer union” and backing ‘economic reforms’

D-C-B hasn’t left the picture as he is still the European Green Party’s co-leader, though I can’t see how that’s tenable.
A savvy operator like D-C-B would have decided his destination before jumping and no doubt Mr. Barroso has some ideas.

It will become clearer over the next few days what his game-plan is.
Meanwhile, we ought to thank the French Greens who defied pressure over unjustifiable cuts.
One day pretty soon we may well see last week as a pivotal moment in the direction of the European Green Party.

This is an “American View of French Politics”

Daniel Cohn-Bendit has resigned from EELV because the party voted by over 70% to denounce the TSCG (aka Merkozy fiscal pact), which DCB regards as a refusal to support the European project and a strategic error, whatever reservations he may have about the wisdom of the fiscal pact. He accuses his former party of having taken a “gauchiste” turn:

Pour lui, sa position est “profondément pragmatique” : “rappeler nos convictions et trouver le bon chemin (…) vers mieux d’Europe” et une Europe “plus démocratique”. “Ce traité, on ne l’aime pas mais c’est la base”, a-t-il indiqué peu après avant d’ajouter : “J’entends les non, la colère des peuples, mais demain on fait quoi ?”

The EELV, for its part, has sought to distinguish its “no” to TSCG from Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s.

Un “non” que les ténors d’EELV ont pris soin de dissocier de celui de Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A l’instar d’Eva Joly qui, après avoir appelé à “un refus fondateur”, a redit qu’elle n’irait pas manifester le 30 septembre aux côtés du Front de gauche. “Il faut refuser de laisser instrumentaliser l’Europe dans la constitution d’un front du non”, a lancé l’ancienne candidate à la présidentielle à la tribune.

Farid Erkizia Bakht


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