Take that spade away from Mariano Rajoy

The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, will go down in history as the man who either a) kicked off the process of Spain’s disintegration or b) liberated the nations of Iberia, though obviously without intending to do so.

This man is digging deeper and deeper with his comical mismanagement of the economy and thus leading Spain into an existential crisis.

The nations (autonomies) are on the verge of rebellion. Give it 24 months?

There are several Greeces in the peninsula. Andalucia with an unemployment rate of 34% is in a Depression. Add Murcia, Extremadura and more and you have a powderkeg waiting to blow.

The Basques and Catalans can sense a USSR moment… where Russia is born out of the ashes of the Soviet Union and the smaller nations become independent states.

Now, I am no fan of Bumbling Boris (Yeltsin, not Johnson) but the parallels are there.

When the breadwinner (s) cannot provide bread on the table, the politics has to change.

Rajoy is merely accelerating the process as did M Gorbachev.

The drive for privatisation (selling assets cheaply) will speed up the timetable as it becomes clear that the corporations will want to profit at the expense of the population.

Catalonia is an a weird position of having to plead for resources in the dysfunctional system where they are the richest autonomy but are broke.

Some will say: Long live Rajoy for very different reasons.



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