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Day July 27, 2012

Was Romney that way off the mark?

I enjoyed queuing with other normal people in North London to watch the flame go past, though some mentioned that after all the sponsor vehicles, the man carrying the flame looked like an ‘afterthought’.

Yes, G4S (but many more corporations) have charged top dollar and given less.

This has been a corporate feast. Original budget at the bid in Singapore £2.4 billion

Final cost : FIVE times that.

Local boroughs next to the site feel let down by lack of the promised jobs.

Hardly anyone mentioned the Olympics on the Tube, on buses, in public spaces until a few days ago.

Missiles, corporate T shirts, big business… people have an underlying feeling of unease.

Everyone wants the sport to succeed.

It’s Big money in big cars on Zil Lanes that make us feel we are just bystanders in a corporate circus.

What concerns me is that White Elephants may roam the Olympic site in 2013… and the media will forget all about it…. yet, we pick up the bill… and there is precious little regeneration.

Romney is inept and I don’t care if he or that other Corporate candidate (Obama) – both using €1 billion or more in donations – gets to the White House.

Essentially, what’s wrong with people expressing an opinion.

It may be wrong or just plain indiscreet but why is it so important?