These countries won’t exist by 2020…..

One of the biggest casualties of the Great Crisis (set to get worse over the next 3 years) could be the Westphalian system of nation states – this notion of nation states was solidified after the bloody Thirty Years War in Europe.

The outcome will not be just lurches to the Right or Left. It will lead to the biggest fragmentation of Europe since 1918 as empires collapsed after WW1 (Austro-Hungarian, German and Russian)
On top of financial and economic crises, we have a situation of permanent resource war in the Middle East, Africa and Asia including the ‘containment of China’, the war on Muslim states, the Maoist rebelion in India & independence movements in the Seven Sister states bordering China,  the ‘opening up of Myanmar’, the battle between (and within) Latin America and the Yankee North…..

So, let’s prepare for a new World where the following states will fragment/break up (and while a rump may retain the name, it will be far smaller in size than today) and the ‘original’ will only exist in history, nostalgia and our imagination:

United Kingdom
















Saudi Arabia





We have had a Thirty Years War in our lifetime – that of ‘Globalisation’ or as I see it ‘Amercanisation’ where borders were weakened in a free for all for multinationals and finance.

The casualties are everywhere: hollowed out industries in the Western economies, peoples and states bulldozed in petrodollar wars… a billion or is it two in urban slums… climate ravaged regions…

The result: this is the decade of fragmentation.


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  1. Interesting thought. I would like to know more about your motivation on why you think these specific countries will cease to exist.

  2. cromwellswar,

    I think the theory is interesting, your list excludes the most obvious candidate. The United States.

  3. The banksters and megacorps have made boundaries between nations irrelevant.

  4. cromwellswar,

    I take your refusal to print comment as a refusal to enter debate. A pity, another case of a blogger wanting an audience but not willing to discuss.
    The very enemy of liberty.

    • It was a case of NOT checking my blog, rather than censorship.
      I decided not to include the US…. for now, though I have seen an interesting scenario of it being split up….. However, it’s possible in a medium term scenario rather than this decade – which is where I am focusing.
      Apologies if you felt you were being excluded.

      • cromwellswar,

        No my apologies for being abrupt. Too many blogs are picky, so I humbly rescind my comments.
        Please watch the US very closely. Fabius Maximus is a grand place to find some very academic and well thought out articles on not just this, but on world events. Albeit from a US perspective.
        As for the UK, watch the giveaways start in Scotland soon. Bribery founded this damned union, it will be attempted to keep it in place.
        Interesting blog.

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