What are the Germans up to?

German troops beyond the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan? Who would have thought it in the days before the fall of the Berlin Wall…. but nowadays no one bats an eyelid… who isn’t in Afghanistan, playing imperial games?

Now Berlin decides to sell 200 Leopard battle tanks, one the world’s most lethal, to that pillar of democracy….. wait for it…. Saudi Arabia.


It needs oil like every other fossil-fuel addicted economy… but then, it can always go to Russia for more..

At least Berlin isn’t running behind the invaders of Libya but that’s not saying much.

Being the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany has unparalleled influence these days.

It will make or break Europe this decade.

Pity, the current right wing regime is meddling in sensitive regions in the worst possible way.

While I am happy to see the likely end of the ‘Christian’ democrats in the next elections (2013) and the entry of a Green-led coalition, the fact that the German Greens actually support the war in Afghanistan (in some misguided idea about democracy or women rights), it will be an improvement but it won’t be earth-shattering.

The two rising stars China and Germany haven’t worked out they need to change their foreign policy…….

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