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Day April 25, 2011

RIght wing Republicans support Libyan ‘rebels’

Some ‘progressives’ must be a little concerned that they parroted all the bumph from Whitehall and the State Department about how all the bombing was being done to ‘protect civilians’ and that it was to ‘promote democracy’.
These ‘progressives’ are rubbing shoulders with the likes of John McCain, striding around in Benghazi, calling for more attacks… He can smell the oil friends and he wants Cyrenaica to get the best the US can offer… bombs, a fake democracy and contracts to ship the oil out to the West…
Long ago I said Gaddafi was a fruitcake and a dictator… however, that does not mean siding with a ragtag bunch of Al Qaeda/neo-Taliban/tribespeople/fighters even if some of them may have good intentions… After years of US/UK bombing in Afghanistan & Iraq are we still ignorant of what these states do in these countries… who are we so gullible to buy the line that William Hague has any intention of genuinely helping Libyans.
The apologists are using the same refrain: we can’t let civilians be butchered…. the same line used in Iraq and Afghanistan…..
Let’s all grow up!
Our forces are not there for humanitarian reasons. It’s for the oil, the gas and the seat at the UN Security Council.
That’s why we cannot just talk about being anti-cuts.
We should be looking at the Green Party manifesto which calls for a £8 billion annual cut in defence spending…. I think we need more to become a ‘normal European country’ i.e. cut fron £40 billion to £20 billion a year so that we can defend ourselves and at the same time have no chance of entering another imperial war…
We have to be against the Cuts for hitting the wrong places…. and demand cuts to defence….