They’re not exactly Rommel or Montgomery

The ongoing war in Libya looks like a comedy of errors, once we ignore the deaths and injuries.

There seemed to be more technology on the ground when Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps were running rings round numerically superior British Desert Rats until the Alamein, than shown by that lunatic Gaddafi and the Western backed ragtag of pseudo-Taliban and Facebook inspired ‘guerillas’.

Even US & NATO 21st century bombers, fighters and drones don’t seem to have turned the battle. though they prevented a rout of the secessionists by Gaddafi.

What we have now is stalemate and partition. Anyone care about Iraq? Or Afghanistan/Pakistan?

Obama escalates the war in Afghanistan and the ‘progressive Left’ still love him. Now Obama starts a war in Africa  against the wishes of the African Union. So much for a black President being different.

And the progressive Left in London ‘agonised’ over whether to send in the bombers to Libya …. in the end, not a lot has changed….. for all the talk about a rising Asia and a changing world, both the Right and Left in Western Europe still cannot let go dictating the affairs of the world.

There is no strategic need for the UK or France to be embroiled in a war. They are sending ‘advisers’… just like in Vietnam…… they will then send troops to basically carve out a state in Cyrenaica on the borders of Egypt….. all those revolutionaries in Cairo & Alexandria will soon have NATO armies to its West, a corrupt US-vassal Egyptian Army in the middle and the Israeli Army & bombers to the East…….

….. Obama, Cameron & Sarkozy are pale imitations of the war leaders they aspire to be… no Roosevelt, Churchill or De Gaulle here then…..

The Germans have signalled their disapproval of this war…. They are at one with the Russians and the Turks…. this is the most significant realignment of this episode……. London & Paris will never want Berlin to link arms with Moscow or Ankara……. their stupid escapade in Libya has helped that speed up……..

Meanwhile, the low intensity, low capability war continues…… We live in an age of Permanent War……

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