Nuclear nightmare for some

Big nuclear is reeling. Dozens of new behemoths in China & India may have to be scrapped eventually.
Three Mile Island was only a partial meltdown but still killed the industry for a generation.
Watching explosions on TV is far more powerful than the China Syndrome.
The nuclear lobby and it’s coopted politicos such as Miliband, Clegg, Huyne & Cameron will have nightmares.
German Greens will sweep through elections over 2011 and 2012 to challenge SPD as nuclear is a far greater issue there.
In UK. We can attack the falsehoods of Lynas and Monbiot etc and have an honest clear up in the Green movement. Deep Green must be exposed.
We can occupy the anti-cuts ground with a far more radical message than New Labour apologists.
We can also bring to the front a high technology German message of renewable energy & clean manufacturing to appeal to Union members on the lines of 1964 White Heat of Technology.
We also have to be vocal on housing with a radical vision to roll back 30 years of extreme privatization.
Not only must we be seen as Left with the cuts and bankers, we have to show we are modern too which is also a Left view.
We have a cuddly image over soft green issues on the periphery.
It’s time we moved into the thick of things over wealth distribution, nuclear energy and manufacturing jobs.

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