Free membership for Young Greens till Xmas 2011?

New Ed’s unreconstructed Labour Party don’t get everything wrong. They are charging students & young people just one pence to join (for most of 2011). They figured out this is the best way to say that their doors are open.
In that sense, we closed our doors on Jan 31st. I am calling for the doors to be fliung wide open again and to keep them there till Xmas. Our free offer brought in numbers not far short of a thousand.
The Lib Dems are in utter disarray, shamefaced at their betrayal.
Labour is vilified for its original betrayal over tuition fees; bringing in BP’s chief to decide the future of education (the Browne Review) and the rise and fall of Aaron Porter.
We have consistently stood by students, calling for scrapping tuition fees.
I hope Caroline Lucas is able to find time in her overloaded schedule to do a road-show through universities this year with support from Young Greens and the rest of the Party including future candidates.
Can you imagine the response if she were able to say that students and under 30s could join for free?
That we want thousands upon thousand in the campuses up and down the country to join so that we can back up her honest claim that only the Green Party is the true opposition to the cuts and has a vision for the young for environmental & social justice.
Some people have suggested we cannot afford such a gesture, that since every member receives paper magazines (Green World), it would raise costs.
My response is that firstly these students aren’t going to join in big numbers without the FREE offer.
Secondly, if they do join with the offer, most if not all are comfortable with social networks. You are reading this online too. That if we said we could offer our magazine online, rather than in print and beef up our online experience on Facebook for example, that new young members would be happy.
Thirdly, that these new young people would encourage other members (paying ones) simply be their energy, enthusiasm and activity. Money would roll in eventually.

Are we really going to say that we don’t want thousands of new members because we cannot afford the postage & printing of an internal magazines?
Let’s be more imaginative and think outside the box.

If we could raise our numbers to 20,000 we would send shivers down the spine of Nick Clegg. Our next Party conference is going to take place this Spetember in Sheffield right on the doorstep of Mr. Clegg. It’s deliberate. Let’s show him something to be afraid of.
I ask that the Green Party be bold and brave. The young get it about climate change, social justice, green jobs, anti-nuclear, anti-war, equality and diversity. Let’s welcome them to join the Party. Let’s get them turning campuses Green.  Let’s really become the real opposition that we want to be.


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