February 2011
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Day February 9, 2011

Protest against NHS Cuts

Friday 11th February
5pm onwards at the Royal London Hospital E1

Join the protest against BLT’s plan to axe services and jobs
· 250 nurses, 83 other clinical posts including doctor time
· in total 630 jobs to go
· 100 beds to close

Defend our NHS in Tower Hamlets
· 500 jobs gone at local NHS Primary Care Trusts
· cuts at Mile End
· across London up to 50% cuts in community health services such as
district nursing
· mental health services expect huge cuts
· over £100M a year to go as payment to the private company running the
new PFI hospital while services are being cut.

David Cameron misled us before the 2010 election when he said that NHS
funding would be protected. 120,000 jobs are under threat, with £14 billion
NHS cuts over three years. Privatisation races ahead.
Local council cuts attack home care, housing and services for those most in need.