Club Med model of protest

The Mediterranean is deciding the future it seems.
Greece lit the fuse as ordinary people, especially the young, threw off their mental shackles, ignored the co-opted Trade Union leaders and took to the streets
The students in London, perhaps without realizing, perhaps some did, took the same path: ditch ‘leaders’ and just get on with putting a few placards together, connect up with friends and walk in the middle of a road toward a point of authority.
This multi-headed hydra (literally with tens of thousands of leaders) is impossible to decapitate.
This is what’s happening on the southern Mediterranean shores as well as it’s northern coasts.
It will spread to Italy as well as Spain over the next few months.
The demands are simple, the strategy is raw but the impact is devastating.
Twenty years on, the centre of gravity of popular rebellion has shifted from Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean.
Meanwhile, northern Europe watches.

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