One in ten suffer from learning difficulties

I am at a Dyslexia conference. It’s well attended but there are no poliicians nor are there head teachers.
There are so many people affected by this learning difficulty that to fit them in London it would mean Zone1,2,3 and 4 filled completely.
It affects one in 10.
Yet there is no profile. It’s hidden.
For a so called knowledge economy in London, we cannot leave behind 800,000 people.
Think of the cost to the economy of not helping them to fulfil their potential.
And the heartache for parents.

Teachers are stressed. We have to ally with them in reducing their bureaucratic burden such as the campaign to get rid of SATS, reduce targets and return responsibility to them.
Then they will feel they can cooperate in paying attention to 3 pupils in every classroom.
Politicians better pour resources not cut.

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