A new pan Arab nationalism?

I would love to hear what Egyptians abroad are thinking.
I wonder if they agree that dynastic rule is over.
Gamal or Mubarak the Younger had better make new plans. He is not going to succeed to the throne.
That means the military and business elite are whispering behind the scenes about an alternative.
Where’s Wikileaks when you need it?
This spontaneous explosion of anger seems not have been coordinated by the Brotherhood.
If that is the case, then we are witnessing a new political dynamic in Tunisia & Egypt.
I think this will move from Reform into something more radical. The timing is unpredictable. Is it five months or five years?
Hilary Clinton wishes to impose the 1986 Philippines model of people power and replace Old leaders with new friends (more democratic but still on the same side).
That may not be possible.
If so, then the theocratic states of Saudi Arabia and UAE will be alarmed.
The last thing they want is an updated version of Pan Arab nationalism of the Nasserite tradition.

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