street, shields, mobile, facebook, tear-gas…..

Today, Egyptians are trying to recreate Tunis.. in a day of ‘revolution’….. it’s a show of strength.

Let’s note that the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t exactly leading the charge…. which says something….

At Conway Hall, I was trying to get the point across that Egypt is the key, it was always the key and will always be the key to the Middle East.

That that regime would probably be overthrown in a few years, not a few months (I would be happier if I were wrong in my timing).

The pattern is reasonably straightforward. Let’s ignore PR from multi-billion dollar corporations, FB and Twitter.

THis is not a Facebook rebellion. What FB is doing is to offer citizens a window to film, record and write what’s happening and their reactions. This is helping fan the flames but the spark comes from action on the ground.

Behind it are some core political beliefs, a sense of right and wrong and that a line has been crossed… that things can no longer remain the same….

Established parties would have been bypassed anyway. National Liberation movements in the 1950s and 60s had to do with a lot less technology.

Let’s not forget that it works both ways. If the police in the UK can infiltrate environmental groups, then their far nastier equivalent in Cairo, Amman and Algiers will be monitoring FB/Twitter & blog.

Whatever happens, the Arab world needs to be free from its regimes.

No one has mentioned Libya. I think Gaddafi could be a lot less safer than he thinks.  An appalling Leader IMHO.

The pleasant thing is that we are thinking what would have been impossible in 2010.

An economic crisis does change politics.

Gdansk 1981

Berlin 1989

Tunis 2011

Cairo (the rest) ???




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