Tunis Cairo Gdansk

Spoke at the Public Rally last night at a packed Conway Hall on behalf of the Green Party.
Being on the same platform with Tony Benn is something else ….. He deserves to command public affection…

Rather than go for ra-ra, I focused on Egypt and the corrupt Arab regimes.
Tunisia is the golden hope. Let’s hope a Franco-American backed military coup doesn’t kill the uprising.
Egypt is the key to the Future in the region.
It may take a few years but the people of that proud country need to unshackle themselves from the family autocracy of Mubarak & son and build a new democracy.
The Egyptians in London and all over the world will provide the hope fr that ambition.
A whole generation of educated people are effectively exiled working in low paid occupations to escape from the oppressive regime in Cairo.
If Tunis is Gdansk then Cairo will be Bucharest sometime this decade.

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