one speech does not maketh a movement

It must be Xmas. A Trade Union leader announces his intention to stand alongside the students.  Not great timing. Colleges have broken up. Students have gone home.

So Len McCluskey was only recently elected. What prevented the so called barons turning up as individuals at the protests? Or doing something on a Saturday.

They like to hide behind the terror of Thatcher’s anti union laws. Well, why didn;t they withhold the cheques to New Labour as a threat to withdraw support if they didn’t repeal those laws?

Union leaders and New Labour leaders connived to do nothing.

They bought into the globalisation story and TINA.

Now some of them (and at least Len MC is aware) can see that the movement is morphing to something very flexible and impossible to control.

The NUS is a busted flush. Its leader only wants to become a New Labour MP.

The unions are just talking. It’s a scandal.

They are going to do a lot more than say they are going to do something.

As Nike says, just DO it.

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