Private airports dont work …. for passengers

Private airports want to make money for their shareholders.
BAA have spent a measly £3M on snow clearing equipment this year.
Their terminals are filled with unlucky people huddling under blankets and ti foil, trying to keep warm.
Why weren’t the terminals geared to cope and provide people with warmth and decent places to rest?
Private airports don’t want to spend money – these are not their passengers – they belong to private airlines.
BAA just want people to be customers, shopping in their shops and paying extortionate parking fees.
So their bean cointers tell them it’s not worth wasting funds on passengers beyond a minimum.
Most of Europe coped with the snow. The planes flew from publicly owned airports.
Thirty years into privatisation we know that private trains and planes are more costly, less reliable and more inefficient than Government owned ones.
It’s time we demanded nationalisation of these key transport infrastructure – the bedrock of a 21st century economy.

This is yet another example of how the myths of free Market capitalisation are being laid bare.

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