Xmas lunch could be explosive

This Xmas the dining table conversation could have an unusual political twist.
Students become children. Office executives and workers become parents.
The bank of Mum and Dad is already reeling from the demands of the mortgage lenders for large deposits.
In London, it means £75,000 in cash. Up front.
Now, as Mum and Dad ask for the salt pot, instead of a child they will see a student borrower (3 times more).
They will soon have to find £25,000 more acting as guarantor.
A cool £100,000.
if they don’t the burden simply falls on the child-student.
This is the classic middle Class dilemma this Xmas.
How they turn over the next two years will determine the politics of student fees and cuts.
This is uncannily similar to the Poll Tax revolt 20 years ago.
The focus rightly has been on the working class and how cutting EMA adds to pressure not to apply for higher education.
The Achilles heel is the suddenly vulnerable middle class.
No party represents the poor or working class though Greens come closest.
The debate among the gilded ones is about just how close the politics of the street touched the organs and institutions of national power and prestige.
They are wondering what’s in store for 2011 and 2012.

The middle classes are always expected to be ‘on board’.
They have been losing faith ever since Borthern Rock.
The question is: will this slow corrosive effect bring the wall crashing down.
It won’t be 2011 but it could be quicker than thinks

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