What are you doing this time next week?

Today is Pearl Harbour day for Irish politics as the craven coalition in Dublin vote for a Third World budget of IMF inspired cuts. Many a Latin American dictator would approve.
Talking of dictators, this time next week another event will be taking place.
In Rome. Will the mighty fall?
Silvio Berlusconi will face a vote of no confidence as his post-fascist friend, G Fini, pulls the rug from under.
Silvio is getting his cronies to ‘persuade’ ten members to switch – no doubt lifting a page from FIFA.
If his persuasion fails, then it might well be arrividerci for the 74 year old embarrassment (to his country as well as to politics).
If he does go, then please celebrate.
It won’t be gift wrapped, but it will feel like Xmas came early.

Farid Bakht

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