The End of History

That phrase coined by imperial globaliser Fukuyama has now been co-opted by the small island states, faced with extinction due to rising sea levels. They are pleading in vain at the talk-fest in Cancun.
For any Obama fans out there, isn’t this the final straw when the biggest historic polluter cannot even make a trip to neighbouring Mexico..?
Obama is not only a disappointment, he is a washout and a captive of Big Fossil Fuel interests….
He might also be scared to confront the belligerant Latin Americans.
The Bolivians are demanding that the Cochabamba declaration be the basis for meaningful solutions which does not involve pseudo solutions such as Carbon Trading.
Note how the world is focused on US Wikileak nonsense rather than what should be the biggest story…. the betrayal by rich countries (again).
Grenada was invaded by Reagan in the 80s. Why did the Marines bother? It’s slipping into the Caribbean. Carbon emissions are a far deadly weapon.

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