Slash the ‘Defence budget’ in half

If we want to become a normal European country, we need to cut our ‘defence’ budget by £17 billion a year… that’s after the much trumpeted 8% cut in defence spending…..

Too much debate & protest has been about Trident (which has not been built) and the Afghan War (a relative pittance at £4 billion a year).

The defence budget is a £40 billion a year bottomless pit…. I couldn’t get Stop The War to focus on this… (I understand the obvious reasons) but we have to move beyond the Green Party Manifesto commitment of £8 billion off annually. We have to demand more than double that amount.

Will the Sun say we are weak? So what. The Express will be livid…. Oh dear.

Let them define who are enemies are and why we should spend twice as much per head than Germany. … the country that is bailing out Europe…… how? because it has a high-technology manufacturing base (making things the Chinese cannot) and wastes less on the military (and incidentally has several hundred thousand people working in a new renewable energy sector)…..

The Right wing are taking an axe to sacred cows.. and slicing up the welfare state……. and education…. Why cannot a Party on the Left (which is where the Greens are) do the same the other way round….?

Let us ask who the British tanks are ‘defending’ in Germany….. two decades after the Russian armies disappeared…..

Let us define exactly how many Iranians and North Koreans are going to ignore mainland Europe and invade Blighty…. and how…. what enemies do the English general see …. the ones  German ones cannot?

This is as scandalous as the banks… but we are ignoring it…… At least the banks say they are too big to fail. The military are just too obese to move…. they are not propping up UK PLC .. they are just feathering their nests and playing a fantasy 19th century adventure as if they mattered…

It’s time we were tough on defence… by slashihg it…… not looking over our shoulder at imaginary voters who wouldn’t dream of entertaining us… Being tough on things such as defence and taboos such as immigration (as Max Hastings says) means NOT toeing the line and telling it like it is..

Let’s define who are potential constituency is…….. not follow the crowd in a crowded field…. the LibDems have blundered into a minefield… Let’s choose another route…..

Farid Bakht




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