The great Trade Union Plan…… revealed

The students did another big demo yesterday. This time schoolchildren were ‘kettled’.

It’s utterly shocking that it’s come to this.

The students look like returning next Tuesday, 30th November. This is determination, doggedness and even daring.

Imagine your teenage child facing up to policemen in that arena. A few years ago you would be walking them to school. Now they are confronting police with batons.

They are making worldwide headines. France24, Al Jazeera among other TV channels  and the print media are showing what the supposedly apathetic youth are doing to challenge the ridiculous assault on education… What ever happened to the ‘knowledge economy’?

Meanwhile what are the great Red Trade Unions doing? You know those  ones who put their ever-ready (sorry, red) Ed into power. Beer & sandwiches blah blah blah.

Well, they are showing solidarity by putting together a strike on….. December, no, January, no….. February then? ….. no… it’s March 26th. Next Year.

Yes. Sky and the BBC will be too busy regaling us with tales of preparation for that other spring event…. that marriage……a month afterwards by when everyone will have forgotten.

It’s back to the seventies all right… not of the powerful unions of 1973… but another royal pageant (the Silver Jubilee of 1977).

While students freeze, holding hand-written placards, wondering why they are prisoners on ‘their’ public streets, the Trade Union Barons put in a spot of hard campaigning…. a soundbite interview here….. an email there…. and ……. perhaps lunch.

The great Trade Union Plan is…… to do …… as little as possible…. just send emails to the network and ask how many coaches they need for a walkabout in four months’ time…..

If you look at the polls, there are surprisingly large numbers of people who think the cuts make sense. Not education or public services but somehow cutting the deficit.

Why? Because of the constant refrain across the media. Even New Labour say yes but a tad slower please.

The 7 million trade union members will be among those who are angry but confused.

Angry at the continual bank rolling of the financial sectos and confused as to what they should be demanding beyond a halt to cuts in their neck of the woods.

Every day, the Union machinery should be educating their members, explaining how the crisis came about and how we can get out of it without crucifying the innocent majority and how we can build a new economy which understands what that overused word ‘fair’ really means.

If they are not striking they should be winning hearts and minds…. At present, millions of people are being abandoned in local skirmishes with no connecting thread to unite people to demand another alternative.

They waited for the ‘Cuts Budget’ or CSR in October. They now know the true extent of the Irish Solution in store for us… so what are they waiting for?

At best, the unions have half-heartedly tagged along on the one million climate jobs…. but do you hear people talking about this in the pubs, cafes and restaurants? No, I didn’t think so.

The underlying truth is that the Unions gave up long ago.. and trumpeted the free market ‘success’ in the debt induced boom years when ‘their’ Party was in government.

They and their sponsored Party have no intention in owning up and undergoing an internal upheaval to weed out the ‘leaders’ who led them into a cul-de-sac.

There is no plan. And the govenment knows it.

Farid Bakht




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  1. Most rank and file union members hate students – they turn into bosses!

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