Where is the luck of the Irish?

We forget that the Irish are still one of the largest diaspora over here.

For three reasons:

a) they are probably into four or more generations in

b) they are as ‘integrated’ as in America, no longer facing the indignity of the 1950s ‘ no blacks or Irish’ racist landlord taunts and also because

c) the Irish are equal partners in Europe and temporarily surpassed the UK in economic prosperity….. allowing many to either go back or buy property there.

I wonder how many are now shaking their heads. The hangover after the party. Of course, many were not able to take part in that artificial debt-induced boom and remained in London and England, some still in poverty.

At least there was pride. Now the Celtic Tiger has been bloodied and has been defanged by the IMF and Germans… & the ‘kind’ George Osborne ‘helping out a friend (his friends in this case being RBS and Lloyds).

Luck for now does not favour the Irish. The ruling class  bought the neo-liberal Americanisation/globalisation mantra and became a low-tax platform for pharmaceuticals and IT, buttressed by a ridiculous property boom.

That elite still wants to keep its ‘USP‘ – the 12% corporation tax rate compared to 28% in the UK and 30% in Germany.

Just where do they see any foreign investment coming from now? Why should they bother? The boom is over, the people are being made broke, the consumer is going to dig in and slash its credit cards.

A huge budget deficit is automatic if you don’t raise money from the big corporates. It’s upside economics.

Some Irish will be lucky… the carpetbaggers will sweep up the ‘assets’ at rock-bottom prices pretty soon…

I wonder if Bono has stopped ‘saving Africa’ with his Red American Express Card ventures, and would step into help his compatriots… oh I forgot, U2  left a long time ago and decamped to Amsterdam ……

Actually, the luck could get worse if the great sunglassed One went over to give us his chapter and verse…. Bono, bog off….. ….

The Irish don’t need songs, luck or the IMF. They need to find some Greens who really are Green and the ‘progressive Left’ (if there is any) who admit that the caravan has to stop…. it has to change direction and even start from scratch.

A Green Tiger… not likely… the gormless Gormley put paid to that idea…. the Irish version of the Green Flag lies on the ground…. tattered, torn and tarnished.


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