Who will students be-head?

The students are not taking the hard-nosed media and police reaction lying down. They are not being cowed into submission. They are planning for more action. Meanwhile, occupations of student buildings look set to rise.
On another tack, some are talking about a political decapitation strategy.

To target Lib-Dem MPs, perhaps recall them (once legislation is through) to teach them a lesson.
So far so good.

But what’s the point of replacing a LibDem with a New Labour MP?
Didn’t New Labour introduce top-up fees in 2004 after promising not to do so in their 2001 manifesto?
Why did they do nothing for students when the economy was apparently booming? They perpetuated the system for debt, even encouraged it.
Many students voted Lib Dem this year, ignoring the warnings that Cleggmania was flawed.

The only option is to decapitate a LibDem to replace with a Green.
That would send shockwaves among the three parties.
New Labour would be shaken out of its complacency and be forced to have its period of ‘re-education’…. and its ‘truth & reconciliation commission’…. A smiley Eddie is nowhere enough to wipe the stain of 13 years of betrayal..
The Liberals would bind themselves closer with the Tories who would then ‘get it’ that it’s not going to be a cinch to make education a privilege for the middle class only.

Farid Bakht


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