China dams the Brahmaputra….

China has started damming the middle reaches of the Brahmaputra river, or the Yarlung Tsangpo as it is known in Tibet, to begin construction on a 510 MW hydropower project that has raised concerns in India.

The government for the first time revealed that it has, since November 8, begun damming the Tsangpo’s flow to allow work to begin on the hydropower project at Zangmu. This is the first major dam on the Brahmaputra and has been billed by the Chinese government as a landmark hydropower generation project for Tibet’s development.

A news report on Monday said the “closure of the Yarlung Zangbo river on November 12 marked the beginning of construction.” Work is expected to continue beyond 2014, when the first set of generators will be put into operation. The total investment in the project is 7.9 billion yuan ($1.2 billion).

It’s a bit rich of the Indian elite to fret about China.
Don’t they remember their own 2004 River LInking Project that would have devastated Bangladesh?
They were going to dam the same river Brahmaputra and the Ganges.
They didn;t bother to listen to the concerns from Bengalis in Bangladesh and West Bengal as well as Assamis.
Delhi was supremely arrogant.
I remember we were protesting in Dhaka and Sylhet then.
Thankfully, they put that stupid project on ice…
Now they dare not dust it down in case Beijing does the same to them…


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