Franz Ferdinand died again

As we remember the dead of the First World War this week and the end of that slaughter, should we also remind ourselves of its start and today’s world?
As Franz met his fate, so died all the certainties of that imperial era.
The ancien regimes would not return.
The truths turned out to be lies.
The great did not turn out to be good – they were found to be ghastly.
Today, a whole generation has grown up on the belief that the sun always shines…. that wealth trickles down so why not let the City of London plunder… we will benefit soon enough as the prices of our pads rise to absurd levels and power of our plastic lets us enter shopping worlds our parents could only dream of as they gazed through windows….. in the era of window shopping (who does that now anymore? )…. the doors are open to all..
Well, Franz died again.
The economic slaughter has not happened yet. There are local skirmishes in the periphery like Greece… but the citadels in places such as London look solid……
Beneath the confidence as city workers return to liquid lunches, there is uneasiness…. even they know that they are now draining the battery to finance their lifestyles…. that the ancien regime of every increasing asset prices and plastic wealth cannot returned.
All they are doing is postponing the inevitable and hoping the plastic politicians can hold their ground and snuff out any challenge to the status quo…. that the voters continue to quietly accept drastic cuts to their living standards and be grateful for crumbs from the City…
Just as they could n’t put Humpty Dumpty together again, nor could they do so with the Austro-Hungarian empire nor will they with the pre-Crash economic system…..
There will be no resurrection.

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