Where is Zac Goldsmith?

Do we remember the days when David Cameron thought it would be spiffing to go off to the North Pole to discover for himself the effects of global warming? The era when he  cycled around in shorts  (with chauffeur and motor at a discreet distance)…. and  stuck a small wind turbine on his Notting Hill home?

That’s when he announced Zac Goldsmith to the world as the Great Green Hope from within the Conversative Party, with that green tree makeover logo in tow.

It all went according to plan and Mr. Zac is now an MP from South-West London.

Since then ………………….? Exactly.

It seems Zac has been sidelined by LibDem Chris Huhme in a government which has adjusted rapidly to a post-Copenhagen hangover where green issues are plunging down the political list of priorities.

Put another way, Osborne & co are scaring the hell out of the public with cuts and the mission to completely tear up the social & economic fabric of the post-war welfare state.

There aren’t many votes in chasing the ‘Green vote’ according to political strategists in a post-Copenhagen world.

So, Zac (with his electoral issues in mind) is laid out to pasture…. a bit like David Laws…..

So one expects he will re-appear when the ‘Greenest Government ever’ decides it needs to lighten the mood and make some grand announcements ….. perhaps early 2011 after the 20% VAT hike tears into opinion polls.

Whatever the reason, it has not been an auspicious start for the pseudo-Green-Right MP which is no bad thing because it means the public get to see the action of the real Green MP setting the agenda on a three pronged campaign:

  • oppose the Cuts (fomented on us by economically illiterate individuals as she elonquently put it)
  • oppose the War & useless spending on ‘defence’ & war
  • offer an alternative strategy for economic and environmental renewal towards a low-carbon economy

The forthcoming summit in Cancun will be a damp squib so climate change will remain in the doldrums in the political bubble and with it the lack of urgency from this administration (and the official opposition for that matter).

It would be healthy for a clash of Green values to be staged in public.

Too many people prefer the one-dimensional approach of a few green trunkets (and cycle lanes) within an unjust, unequal and unworkable neo-liberal world.

They need to be flushed out to explain how a bit of insulation here, a couple of turbines there, a bit of ‘slow food’ in Richmond too… can really turn us away from environmental and social catastrophe….

Over to you then Zac….


Farid Bakht


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