Hotting up for a New Cold War?

NATO commanders and Vladimir Putin, along with an assortment of Think Tanks on the hunt for grants, seem to be united on one thing.
They are replacing the Central European front of eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with another bonanza – the frozen stretches of the Arctic Ocean… the Northern front.
Of course, it’s not always frozen anymore with the impact of climate change. That’s the point.
This means ships can sail where once there was thick ice. And mining companies can dig as minerals and fossil fuels are uncovered and become cheaper to extract.
To this toxic brew, add a few worried soon-to-be-cashiered military men and you have the basis for a New Cold War. Literally.
The Royal Navy has now found a new enemy – everyone except us – prospecting for resources in the Arctic. The Admirals will not be able to sell the idea of aircraft carriers in this ‘theatre’ but they can bleet about the loss of Nimrod planes, submarines and surface ships.
We have been here before.
The fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR was soon replaced by this thing called Al-Qaeda……. to paraphrase Jo Stalin… how many tanks do they have exactly?… No matter as long as several hundred billion can be secured for the security of the military-industrial complex (an idea that has stood the test of time, thanks to Ike)….. sorry, I meant to say the security of all freedom-loving people….or was that consumers?

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