Up to 350,000 Londoners forced to move?

Could up to 350,000 people be forced to move out of Central London because of the threatened cuts to housing benefits?
The National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations, says 114,000 claimant households will be at risk of losing their homes.
This is an astronomical figure.
Around 1 in 25 of all Londoners having to evacuate?
Who will take their place?
Does this mean that chunks of Zone 1 becomes a wealthy enclave….?
If anyone has lived in a metropolis in the Global South, they will know what this entails.
Characterised by higher levels of security (public and private), a different type of retail. school, health services…. the list goes on.

So far we have heard muted protests from the Left end of the spectrum.
I wonder what the other side thinks.

Will we soon see new TV programmes about moving house…… to leave behind the drag of commuting and live, work & play in Kensington and the like?
Up-market estate agencies will enjoy marketing their wares to wealthy foreign individuals and institutions about a ‘safe, homogoneous core’ in a World City.
This smells like a future property boom in the making, after the imminent crash.

Why are people so surprised?
From where do they think the gleaming spires of Canary Wharf appeared?
From the rubble of industrial and commercial London. It has been done before.
This stacks up within neo-liberal ideology.
The austerity cuts programme is one of killing several birds with one stone.

Again, we are on the back foot. Having to defend private social landlords’ right or ability to provide a place for people.
When we should really be talking about investing public money in a wave of energy-efficient council housing……. increasing supply to meet demand.


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  1. Paul,

    David Cameron will destroy the poor and leave London for his rich friends and family. Let him clean his own toilet and even his own bum for a change.

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