Why does Bloomberg check on the Greens?

The tabloids don’t bother talking about Green Parties. If they venture into ‘GreenLand’, it is usually either very micro (recycling and why we might have bi0monthly bin collections) or at planetary level (we are all doomed unless we sign up to Carbon Trading..)

So why do the financial media keep a track on Green Parties?

Yesterday, there was an article on the Brazilian election which effectively said that Marina da Silva, the Green candidate, had reached 14% in the opinion polls and would be crucial because she looks like forcing the election into a second round… i.e. king/queen maker.

Then there has been a lot of note about the German Greens, first at coming level with the moribund SPD (slightly left to the UK Labour party) on 24%. And then today how the Greens had slipped 1% to 23%.

The financial media know that Greens in power or with influence can punch way above their weight.

Brazil is where billions are being made in iron ore, timber, oil and agricultural commodities. Greens would change Brazil’s economic orientation, thus causing havoc to some neatly laid plans to make hay while the sun shines. We are talking shedloads of money here.

Germany holds the future of nuclear power in its hands. The support for the Greens is accounted for its stance on nuclear. Add Die Linke to the equation and the German Green-Left is supported by more than one-third of voters. Include the SPD and suddenly Merkel and co are in the minority.

Angela Merkel has recently announced an extension of nuclear plants by 12 years. The game is not over yet and if an anti-nuclear movement were to gather pace in Europe’s strongest economy, then you see how a trillion-Euro industry suddenly does n’t look so hot.

And German Greens could do something even ‘worse’ for nuclear. They might take solar and wind to the next level and truly mainstream. That would transform European energy policy.

Make no mistake, the Germans hold the key to Europe. They are physically at the heart of Europe. They are economically at the heart of Europe. And they are politically at the heart of Europe.

If the Greens can make inroads in crucial countries like Germany and Brazil, then the financial world will have to change course and find other ways of making money.

This will not happen today, this year or the next. But it is certainly a strong possibility later this decade.

Hence a critical eye is kept on Green politics. Bloomberg, and its wealthy readers, knows what’s at stake. And they don’t like it.



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  1. Sam Coates,

    Let’s hope for a new Red-Green alliance as the new German Government!

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