Wind turbine epicentre shifts to China

Suzlon Energy Ltd., India’s largest maker of wind turbines plans to expand in China.

The Ahmedabad-based manufacturer will be capable of making turbines with a combined electricity generating capacity of 1,000 megawatts each year.

Chairman Tanti said “in the long term, the epicentre of our industry and our business will move to China….. (it) will remain the largest market for the next 10 years”.

Suzlon joins General Electric Co and European rivals that are introducing newer technology and opening factories in China, the world’s fastest growing green energy market, as they compete for orders.

The country plans to add 18 gigawatts of wind capacity this year – double what’s expected in the US, the No.2 market.

China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, wants about 15% of its energy to come from non-fossil fuels within ten years.

The target includes an installed capacity of 100 gigawatts of wind power and 20 gigawatts of solar units, Zhang Guobao, head of the National Energy Administration, said in May 2010.


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