UK Wind power reaches 5 gigawatts today

Britain’s capacity to generate electricity from the wind will pass 5 gigawatts today, enough for 2.7 million homes, as Vattenfall AB opens the world’s biggest offshore turbine farm south-east of England.

THe 300-megawatt, 100-turbine farm at Thanet means the UK now has 1,341 megawatts of installed ofshore wind capacity, more than the rest of the world combined.

Britain also has 3,715 megawatts of onshore wind.

Wind power now accounts for 4% of UK’s electricity consumption.

The Vattenhall farm was built at a cost of £900 million and includes 100 Vestas Wind Systems A/S V90 wind turbines.

The gols for onshore wind is to reach an installed capacity of 13 to 14 gigawatts by 2020.

For offshore wind, farms with 4 gigawatts of capacity have planning permission or are being built.

In January, the government awarded licenses for 32,200 megawatts of projects including Centrica PLC, RWE AG (Germany) and Statoil ASA (Norway).


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