Local democracy rules in Tower Hamlets or not?

Next Labour looks very like Usual Labour as they impose their own candidate for the Tower Hamlets election for Mayor.
Is this meant to be ‘better for the community’ or is it a perceived conflict between religious institutions and secular groups? Where does the Islamic Forum of Europe feature in all this? And by extension Jamaat-e-Islami? What’s so good about a supposedly ‘secular’ candidate if he is fairly or unfairly regarded as an ‘operator’ in a corrupt council? I thought we got rid of rotten boroughs in 1832. They seem to forgotten Tower Hamlets. I am sure the bankers in Canary Wharf could n’t give a toss about intra-Bengali rivalries since New Labour will never challenge their pre-eminence. However, it is sad for the Bengali community that rivalry trumps the need for unity. The non-Sylheti voters will throw their hands up in despair. What does the new MP have to say in all this? Not a peep from that person since election. Some will wonder if Respect members will pile into local Labour Party… the new Militant…. and GG is back on TalkSport, filling in time while writing his Dusty Springfield opus……. and we wonder why the Young Generation don’t want to stick a cross on a box… this kind of horsetrading isn’t going to inspire too many, is it?

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