Turkey to look east

A survey (see highlights a shift in the perception of Turks about joining the EU.
About time too.
Turkey’s future has to be the East. Russia/Central Asia and Western China. The logic of geography, economics and peak oil suggest this. However, while it should ditch ideas of joining the EU, it has to keep in with Berlin i.e. the source of European power in the years ahead. i.e. Germany, rather than France or the EU. There are historic precedents for this.
One can be friendly with Europe without having to join it.
Ankara must make an accomodation with the Kurds, not because Brussels demands it but because it is the right thing to do. Turkey will emerge stronger, more independent and paradoxically more powerful. Its military will not like it, but so what? The country has a bright economic future once its elite sheds some pretentions.

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