If you want to rob a country, own a bank

Spain pillaged most of South ‘America’. As Galleano says, they stole the cow… but the British and Dutch took the milk….. moneylenders (banks) took possession of commodities as soon as they reached Cadiz… as repayment for loans by a dysfunctional government in Madrid.
A few hundred years later, Latin American governmetns got into debt… US & European banks were bailed out with IMF/World Bank money… and guess who took over Latin American assets…….
Today, it’s European governments in debt… because they bailed out the banks … see the pattern.
Difference is that the voting European public is picking up the tab….
About time the so-called progressive politcal groups in Europe were a little more humble and worldly wise and linking up with progressive Latin American groups…. to join the dots…..

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